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7 Social Media Marketing Mistakes Your Business Is Making (And You’re Probably None the Wiser)

These are the 7 most common mistakes every Startup or SME should know they are making with their social media marketing, and learn to avoid. In this guide you’ll discover: 

  • The Number One reason why you’re not getting results and how one simple tweak can save you £1000s
  • The mindset that explains why your business spends hours on social media but gets zero results.  
  • One mistake that’s costing you £10,000’s a month that you didn't realise you were making. 
  • A tweak that will save your team 50 days of work a year.
  • Three metrics that businesses focus on that DO NOT MATTER and the one metric you should care most about. 
  • The mistake that all SMEs make and how you can twist it to your advantage to gain long-term success. 
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